SunCycle Lamp

by A Kikta

In 2012 Anonymous.d hosted a competition for the design of a lighting fixture suited to a computer work space. Long days and nights at the computer, distanced from the natural world outside, influenced my submission. Check out the site, there are some great submissions.

January 2012: We live increasingly digital lives. The forms of the objects that we use are increasingly independent of their functions, and the means by which we interact with these objects is increasingly ‘virtual’. We embrace the digital but we long for the analog.

The SunCycle Lamp embraces our computer-centric routines, drawing power from the computer itself (or the ubiquitous AC USB adapter), yet it’s function is directly dictated by it’s form. A pattern of linear perforations in the flexible skin allows the object to deform as the user pulls the cable. As the cable is shortened the perforations deform and widen increasing the amount of light emitted in direct proportion to the shape of the object. This transformation recalls natural cycles....a gentle reminder of the natural world just beyond our desks.

The SunCycle Lamp represents an economy of form and material. The lamp is constructed of four primary pieces: a base collar, a top collar, a cable, and a flexible skin. The user pinches the base collar to release the cable and adjust it’s length to modify the corresponding lamp shape and brightness. The cable passes through the lamp body and is anchored to the top collar which contains a ring of L.E.D.’s. A convex reflector within the base collar aids even light distribution. The flexible skin of the lamp body provides a natural resistance, allowing the lamp to return to it’s closed form when the base collar is released. Variation in perforation length and skin thickness allows the lamp to take the desired shape as it is deformed. A hole at the top collar allows the user to suspend to the lamp as desired. When closed, the SunCycle Lamp is highly portable. When open, the lamp rests at an angle corresponding to it’s shape.