You Know What Would Be Cool....A Weather App For Me

by M Qamar in

Stepping out last weekend on what seemed like a sunny spring day, I dressed light and encountered windy New York streets, overcast in the shadows of high-rises. As I crossed the streets for a few sunny rays to warm me up, I thought, I needed a weather app that understands my behaviors and preferences. Not the temperature, not the wind speeds, not the percentage of rain or shine. There is an entire category in the App Store for weather apps telling you pretty much the same thing.

I use a handful of these apps through out the day. Check the Weather, Today, Dark Sky and most recently Forecast. They all have some usefulness. Check the Weather and Today have similar functionality. Dark Sky, and its sister web app Forecast, offer great inclement weather predictions but mostly just present significant amounts of data through nice animations. Siri, with Yahoo's weather data, makes an attempt to answer "Do I need an umbrella?" Swackett makes a recommendation and tells me what kind of jacket or hat to wear, or that I should grab my sunglasses on the way out, but seems to be more interested in selling me different clothing styles and ads (admittedly an interesting revenue model).

What I need is an app that asks what the weather is like for me, and learns from my responses. Is it chilly? Did I wear a scarf? Did I use my umbrella? These questions can be asked based on the hyperlocal weather at my location. As it learns over time, the app could suggest what I should wear based on my past behaviors. It may not get it right the next time I step out on a deceivingly sunny but chilly day in New York, but whats most important is that its learning what's best for me, rather than simply repackaging commonly available weather data. What about the missing!