You Know What Would Be Cool....

by A Kikta in

YKWWBC is a technology focused site about the everyday objects of our man-made world.

Chatspeak for “You Know What Would Be Cool”, YKWWBC speaks to a faith in progress and a desire for the new....for something even better.

Our interest lies in the common ground between product design, interface design, app design, architecture (buildings and spaces), and design strategy. We are interested in the objects and experiences that lie at the confluence of these things, and in what it is that makes the best of them truly compelling, engaging, and enduring.

We believe in the potential of good design to bridge technological capability with analog familiarity to create things that are intuitive, useful, and fun.

We're starting off by grouping posts into three categories: observations (quick takes, short commentary), analysis (product reviews), and ideas (original concepts and artwork). For now at least, all posts will be forward looking; "You Know What Would Be Cool...."

Down the road we plan to expand our focus to include objects and experiences from the past, things that were progressive and forward looking in their day; "You Know What Was Cool...."

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